Our School Song

Stepping to Success


Together we are stepping to success CJS, CJS

Together we are working to achieve our best

If you shoot for the moon you will land among the stars

Launch a dream, work hard, then watch it rise

Aiming high, aiming high, you can do it if you try

Let your journey take you up to reach the skies

We are daring to be different and we stand out from the crowd

We’re unique and we’re proud of who we are

So let’s be brave and have a go, be creative as you grow

Be adventurous and follow your own star

On our own we’re just a drop, together we’re an ocean

We can work as one; we’re stronger as a whole

In a team, we work together, no matter what the weather

Think of more than just me that is our goal

Just believe you can do it, you are smarter than you think

We believe in ourselves and persevere

Do the simple things well and you’re certain to excel

We can rise to the challenge without fear

We all think about our learning: How well did we do?

We encourage one another, find a way

Let’s reflect for a while, give feedback with a smile

We’re all working on our targets for today

So believe in your ideas and do things on your own

Be confident to paint what’s in your mind

Independence is the key, so let your thoughts run free

The journey to your true self you will find

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