e-safety update from Mr Emery, Wednesday 27 February 2019

We covered Internet Safety during the whole school assembly today.

While we did not refer to the details of the Momo Challenge, we tried to reassure children and reminded them of some key messages when keeping safe online:

  • All children were asked not to talk to each other about rumours or silly, rude or dangerous things online.
  • TELL - All children were reminded to talk to parents at home regarding any worries about online material. Children can also tell an adult at school of they have any concerns.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – we all have a responsibility to behave appropriately online and not post any messages, images or videos of a rude or abusive nature.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION – we reminded all children never to share any personal information over the internet.

You can find information about the Momo Challenge and how to keep children safe here  and here


Please see below some useful guides for parents to help your children safe online.

We ask that all parents dicsuss the CJS esafety rules with their children Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement/esafety rules

February 2019 - Please see further guaince for Parents on safe use of Tik Tok

January 2019 - Please see the Parents Guide to TikTok

Parents' E Safety Workshop - Friday 9th February

The presentations are available to download below:-

1) E Safety Parent Presentation

2) E Safety Year Group Assemblies

3) Parents' E Safety Questionnaire - the results

4) Your Digital Footprint video

Oscar and the Three Elves

Please download the National Online Safety Christmas Storybook Resource Video  as we make it our mission to keep all children safe online.

Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday, 7th February. The Assembly presentation is available to download below. For further information, please click on the following link:-

The UK Safer Internet Centre have produced some useful guidance for parents to help their children stay safe this summer:-

Pokemon Go – Gaming gone mobile

Staying safe online this summer

5th February, 2015

Please click below to see the slide show shown at the Parents eSafety presentation.  

eSafety Presentation updated 28 January 2015

28th November, 2014

This week, assemblies have focused on e-safety. We have covered basic rules for pupils under SMART (ask your child what this means). Cyber-bullying has also been covered through a video resource called Digizen at

Year 5/6 have also covered more advanced content such as guidance on how to keep safe if children are involved in social networking. Although we advise children NOT to get involved, it is clear that many pupils in Y5/6 do.

There is a really useful and informative guide for parents entitled “A Parent’s Guide to Social Networking Sites – Five Lessons to Keep Your Kids Safe When They Socialise Online” – please click on the following link:-

Social Networking e-Guide

Information from the Department for Education on cyberbullying:-

Advice for Parents on Cyberbullying

All children will shortly be bringing home a leaflet “Young People and Social Networking Sites” which supports the work we have done in school

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